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Other shows

In quartet, trio, duo or solo, Carles Dénia offers a selection of the best of his discography in more intimate and warm shows.

For small and emblematic spaces and tailor-made budgets.

Carles Dénia_Polirítmia-56.jpg
Carles Dénia_Polirítmia-45.jpg
CARLES DÉNIA: voice, guitar, composition and artistic direction
PAU FIGUERES: guitars and choirs
MOON ARAGON: violin and choirs
ALEIX TOBIAS: percussions

In addition, Carles Dénia participates and collaborates with other groups such as the metal quintet Spanish Brass (National Music Award 2020), in the show Mira si he corregut terres , or with the Coetus Iberian Percussion Orchestra .

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