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El paradís de les paraules

In 2021, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the release of the album, Carles Dénia reissues in a new format and sound The Paradise of Words , rarely performed on stage, and that, along with the Spiritual Song , is his most personal project , awarded and recognized by critics.

A gem yet to be discovered that few cities have had the privilege of watching and listening live. Some of his songs, such as “ Si de vora meu un día” or “ Stop letting go of my passions ” have become chanted hymns that have been covered by other artists.

In The paradise of words , Carles Dénia puts voice and music to the exquisite verses -adapted from Arabic to Valencian by Josep Piera- of the Andalusian poets who lived in the current Valencian territories. They talk about love, the pleasure of living, the little things in life.

Pure hedonism in words, and also in the music -from jazz to traditional music- with which Dénia revives that lost paradise. Melodies and metrics merge into a show full of sensitivity and passion that moves the viewer.

Critics have said:

“The paradise of words is our Sgt. Pepper's. Our time legend… The effect is magical… There are records that are really works of art, because they tell for themselves ”


"There is no possible escape from the beauty of such an imposing, mercurial and wildly free work"

Efe eme

“From a total freedom, it has been able to attract until its borders, in this territory where the songs of the north and those of the south cross happily, Cant d'Estil, the autochthonous Valencian form, and the flamenco winds forming a broth of culture that invites to the mulla-mulla ”

Babelia, El País

“The paradise of words escapes any attempt at definition. There is no need to name styles in the face of such multifaceted music that evokes contrasting images and references in the minds of each spectator. ”

Sounds of the Mediterranean

“Carles Dénia has used all his battery of expressive resources in which he has poured all his musical background and experience. The result is an extraordinary sound close to perfection "

The sounds of the blue planet

CARLES DÉNIA: singing, guitar, composition and musical direction
ALEIX TOBIAS: percussions and choirs
PAU FIGUERES: guitar and backing vocals
GUILLEM AGUILAR: bass and backing vocals
CARLOS MONTFORT: violin and choirs

Awards and nominations

Best Folk Album of 2011 (Sons de la Mediterrània Magazine)

Ovid Awards for Best Album 2011

Ovid Award for Best Arrangements 2011

One of the best records of the decade (Enderrock Magazine)

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