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L'home insomne

In this show, Carles Dénia immerses himself again in the popular repertoire to feed once again on the essence of Valencian music, and voluntarily submits to the traditional canons to offer a work that distills freedom for the four cantons. It is a modern work, as radically essential as it is.

Seguidilles, malaguenyes, albades, jotes, fandangos work songs and style singing… sound in the voice and on the strings of Dénia and its fable, La Nova Rimaire, new and fresh, terribly current.

CARLES DÉNIA: singing, guitar and artistic direction

VICENT CARRASCO: guitar and guitar
CRISTÓBAL RENTERO: guitar and guitar

PACO LUCAS: bandúrria, lute
CARLOS LUCAS: bandúrria

Awards and nominations

Selected by Transglobal Word Music among the best albums of 2015

Nominated for the Ovid Award for Best Album of 2015

Nominated for Best Song of 2015 for "Bolero de l'home insomne"

Critics have said:

“This record has totally captivated me… The style song recovered by an artist as great as Carles Dénia… Fantastic. It has made us very happy for what it means to recover the tradition of Valencian singing "

Radio 3-RNE

“… Dénia proves that he is an extraordinarily gifted musician and performer. And the live presentation of the new album only confirms this impression… It has a special smell to coat each piece with the appropriate arrangements… with artistic solvency and an undoubted "elf" in the Valencian way. The album of a great folk gentleman "

The weather

“… Dénia has what is called a black voice in some flamenco singers… We think its proposal is fantastic both for its knowledge of the genre (Cant d'estil) and its new texts, as well as for the mastery of springs and creative freedom in the song ”

Classical Radio-RNE

“… An absolutely magnificent record ... Carles returns in this work to the traditional Valencian repertoire, demonstrating again a personality and a quality that really go out of the ordinary… Go ahead our most absolute recommendation towards this work and by extension towards this musician ”.

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